Question about achievement for Solomon games

As a achievement-obsessed player, I always felt that there are not enough achievement for solomon games. Can we have more new achievement like "complete keep with steam jet",  "go to next level without killing anyting", "deal x damage with acid rain", or "dodge x arrows by using magic circle" in  the old solomon or save it for SK HD. Also, can there be a some sort of usable reward like gold, rare item, or perks other than "you have completed this achievement". 


  • In SKHD... the old code is so difficult for me to work with (just forgot lots of it over time) that anything I do in it risks adding new bugs (this is why the ports go so slowly)... but in SKHD, I am going to have a whole lot of crazy stuff-- you can kinda see the prototype in Dark, where there Annalist has a great deal more challenges.  And yes to rewards.  It always bothered me that achievements are just vanity things.  That's so lazy.
  • Looking forward to the "Beat Peppermaster without sneezing" achievement.
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