Status 10/8/2017

Everything is taking a little bit longer than it should because I'm very slightly burnt out, which causes mistakes.  Also, I have been taking some time to work on bugs as they get reported-- the net effect of this is Boneyard isn't quite ready, and neither are the updates ready for rollout, so it's lose lose and a bad course I've been taking.

So I'm dedicating today to getting Boneyard "feature complete" so that it can enter testing, without any distractions for fixing stuff in Keep, etc.


  • Oh dear. You didn't just say you were going to get Boneyard ready for beta testing today, did you? Have you forgotten your universal realignment curse?
  • Testing doesn't necessarily mean beta testing
  • I didn't give a date... but in this case it does mean beta testing.  But it goes to Rastapopoulon first so he can find anything super obvious like "hey, if you talk to the Archchancellor, the game immediately crashes."
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