Some Boneyard Beta Notes

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Here's some release notes on the beta:

1. As with Keep, I don't plan to fix any problems that existed on the original iPhone version
2. Go through the tutorial stuff at the beginning-- you touch the witch now to get perks, instead of that perks button
3. The whole perk system is completely revamped.  It now operates like Dark.  The initial perk price is considerably lower, but you do have to purchase perks each time.
3a. I am looking for feedback on the prices.  So as you play, give me your thoughts on whether anything is too expensive or cheap.  The goal here is to keep dedicated players interested, but also to get the less dedicated "I want to pay to win" types to go ahead and buy some gold.
4. There's a couple new perks
5. There's two tabs in the witch-- perks are only for one game, fates are permanent modifications to your copy of Boneyard
6. Magic Inventory is WILDLY different.  It no longer requires a perk slot.  But it has to be unlocked.
7. Bribe Destiny DOES require a perk slot
8. But you can have up to five perks now.


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    Can't wait to see those new patches come to iOS :D
  • The iOS version is working, I'm just letting the Android people find any glitches with the new system and port, and recommend any price tweaking.  But I won't hold off the iOS release for fixing, say, problems with specific Android phones or glitches that are Android specific.
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