Possible Bug in boneyard Android? quad damage lasts too long and some stuff too fast

Not sure if intentional or not but I have been a pretty big addict of solomon's games for years. I played keep back in the day on my ipod touch and dark endlessly. So I feel like I have a decent idea of how these games play I hope.

Anyways while playing boneyard, the only solomon's game I never played before, now that it's available on Android, I feel like everything is in fast forward! Not even double but easily triple speed of any other Solomons game. Is that intentional?

I barely had time to catch my breath. From the moment a skeleton appears on my screen until I am being attacked is under a second! Just to keep arrows from killing me with chill wind I was spinning like a top! It was insane.

Secondly quad damage lasted for so incredibly long I felt it was worth mentioning.

Anyways ty.


  • Why not take a quick look at some video footage on YouTube for comparison?
  • ....... Well. Idk. I guess I will lol
  • Let me know phrosty!  I thought quad was pretty long in duration (otherwise it wouldn't be worth fighting your way to get over to them), but if something got warped in the porting, I'll want to normalize it.
  • okay I'm not home at the moment or when I get home I will probably take me a couple more hours
  • ok i did look at vids. while boneyard does seem overall faster than other solomon games, what i was experiencing was definitely faster than any of the popular gameplay videos i found on youtube

    not sure about the quad damage duration
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    Hey Phrosty, re-reading your stuff, I'm almost wondering if your phone is somehow reporting a weird clock speed that is causing the game to run faster.  Are you able to upload a video of some gameplay? 

    Also, would you mind playing Keep to see if it's just as frantic?
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