Monday Screenshot 5/4: Not a screenshot, not Solomon either

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Hi all,
Again, my major work this past week has been on my other commitments.  In this case, it's a piece of technology that I actually developed for use in Solomon's Keep, which I incorporated into Cubic Castles to enhance the building abilities there:

You can view it in action here.

However, since this completes a Cubic Castles update, I should have something more Solomony for next week's screenshot.


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    there not gunna try and claim that or anything because you were working under them right? would be the last thing we needed lol.. x.X
  • No.  I'm actually a partner in the company, so I'd have to claim it against myself!

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    your a partner in the company just in the creation of this one game? or your a partner in the studio so you will have a hand in further games made with them?

    from what i can see of it, that game isnt really my cup of tea, but if your going to be a standing partner, ill keep tabs on them too in case you have a part in another game that appeals to me :P
  • When Solomon Dark got stalled, I was looking about for a project to do that I could do to make some money while the whole situation was unfolding.  A couple other indies wanted me on board for art, so I went in as an equal partner.

    It's absolutely nothing like Solomon, or any of my other games either.  It's not possible for me to recommend it to anyone that likes any Raptisoft games because it's not like any of them at all (the game design itself isn't mine).  It's more of a social game, though I am in the process of converting it to be a little more like something I'd write or want to play, because as it stands right now, the game is not really a success, but I can't cleanly walk away from it yet either.

    It's my hope to get in a few things that will "fix" it (such as monsters, some RPG elements, a complete overhaul of the crafting system, and more 'game' elements rather than just sandbox elements) to the point that it provides a comfortable "funding" of Solomon with more bells and whistles.
  • That's gonna work for Solomon's Keep how??
  • It's a visibility culling technique, to allow me to do roofs, tunnel tops, etc, that vanish when you go into them. 
  • yea, i figured it was prettymuch a social game, if you actually manage to get some rpg elements into it, i might give it a shot tho, even if its so cute it makes me wanna puke x.x
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