Suggestion about "Watch ad for gold" (Android) - Being able to watch another one with 1 click

edited October 2017 in Solomon's Games
Currently, when you click to watch an ad for gold, the ad video will play and at the end of the video you will be rewarded but the dialog with the NPC will close.

I would suggest changing this behaviour to not close the dialog with the NPC, allowing the user to just click again to see a new ad without the 3 steps of moving, talking to the NPC and selecting "Get Gold" again.

Don't know if the same happens with the iOS version.

And I suspect that this worked exactly as I suggested in the earlier builds... Just can't say for sure...


  • A good idea.  I will fix it.
  • Also, the response about sharing gold amongst characters (from Keep) doesn't fit quite as well in Boneyard - it could maybe be rephrased.
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