Boneyard Bug - perks

Currently if I select a perk, it removes the corresponding amount of gold from my supply, but if I then exit the app without playing and re-enter, the perk is no longer selected and the gold is still gone. It might be better to be robust to that, since for example someone might play until they have gold to unlock something, unlock it, then sign off.

Also, I only have ever played the old version of Boneyard, in which once perks are unlocked they can be used at will (without paying gold). What was the reasoning behind the change, if you don't mind me asking? I haven't played enough yet to know for sure, but I know in the old version one of my favorite parts of the game was experimenting with combinations of perks, and this change feels somewhat like it punishes that behavior.


  • It's true that this should be fixed-- however, to fix it is a TREMENDOUS amount of work-- more than you can imagine for such a simple task.  With that in mine, since it's a problem very very few people will actually encounter, I'll wait until the one-star reviews start flowing in to sit down and actually fix it.

    The reasoning behind the change was that I had a lot of complaint emails-- the complaint was "there's nothing left to do in the game after I unlock everything."  I.E. no reason to accumulate gold.  I made the change originally in Solomon Dark, and it really did make the game a lot more fun.

    But I am looking for feedback on pricing.  Some of the higher end ones might be a little too expensive, even with the ability to re-use the same set of perks on the cheap.
  • I encountered this error when using the ad watching for gold and slowly buying the perks I desired. It crashed after one of the ads and I lost the spent money and perks as well. Perhaps at least add a warning for future players just in case? Id imagine someone who just bought the 20000 gold and spend it right away would be very upset.
  • I'll make sure the game saves before ads.  There is something about admob that seems to cause a lot of crashes.
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