Status 10/11/2017

Okay, so for right now:

1. Boneyard beta is going well.  Most bugs manifesting seem to be Android specific.  But I'm waiting to get feedback from hardcore players about perk pricing before I release the iOS version.

2. Working on an update for Solomon's Keep-- just fixes for bug glitches and things... and also making the thumbsticks act more like thumbsticks since half of my 1 star reviews consist of "when I press the shoot button, it just fires in random directions, the developer sucks, you get ONE STAR."

3. For those who have signed up for beta, I just made a bunch of e-mails live this morning (had some trouble getting into google play yesterday).  I had to close the beta though, because now I have a bajillion people, so signup is disabled now.

The near future:

1. When perk pricing seems good, I will submit iOS
2. When perk pricing seems good and I fix these android crashes, I'll submit Android
3. Then I will get to work on Robot Wants Kitty.


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