[Solomon’s Keep] saved game disappeared; other bugs

Spent hours and collected lots rare items, a saved game disappeared for no reason.

Floor 13’s skeleton boss, beam attack goes invisible after a while, usually when boss is outside the screen.


  • Hola... the beam thing I can't fix without rewriting the core game code (it's optimized to work on the extraordinarily slow iPhone 1... fixes of that nature will be made good in Solomon's Keep HD).

    Do you have any info about when/how the save game vanished?  Also, is this Android or iOS?

    Did it happen between difficulty levels, or did it suddenly just happen out of the blue?
  • Hi. The saved game was immediately after the 2nd run, and beginning of the 3rd (Archmage?) before going into the castle, where I exited the game/app. Then the next time when I opened the app, that saved game vanished. I have another saved game and it is still there.

    iPhone 6S plus, iOS 11.0.1.

    Can this saving mechanism be integrated into iCloud?
  • It IS integrated into iCloud-- supposedly.  I am hearing from some people that it works, from others, it doesn't.

    There is/was a bug with quitting the game in town, immediately after starting a new game.   That's fixed in the update, which is in testing now, and it will be submitted ASAP.  But for now, you can prevent this by just walking out of town, and back in, when you start a new difficulty level.

  • Have same issue. How can I restore my save? Was Gauntlet difficulty. ><
  • Gogolik, are you able to browse files on your device?  If you could get me a screenshot of the storage area for Keep, I can tell you if it's recoverable or not (however, if you quit in town right after starting a new game, it probably is not... the newest versions of iOS do not give some of the signals the older versions game, so Keep is not realizing when the app is shut down.  However, this IS fixed in the update, which is submitted.
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