Boneyard Beta 2

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I am rolling out Solomon's Boneyard beta 2.  It can take anywhere from 1 minute to some hours for your version to be updated automatically via the play store.  You know you're on the newest version if the words "BETA 2" appears at the top of the title screen.

Zenphone users, you are now operational.

Now, there's tweaks here, but the biggest thing I've been working on is the various crashes.  I don't manifest them at all, so I am completely reliant on you to give me information about them.  Android is a persnickety system, but one thing it does MUCH better than iOS is it'll let you grab information for me when you crash.

So, if your copy of boneyard crashes, what I'd like you to do is get a copy of the LOGCAT logs from
your phone, upload them somewhere, and give me a link.  How do you get LOGCAT files?  Here's how, kindly provided by _LEEDER from the Solomon's Keep beta:

* * *
You send logcats to show a developer exactly what happened when an app
does something that it isn't supposed to do. Developers depend heavily
on this especially when the reason behind an error isn't clear.

Instructions: (I recommend reading the whole thing through once before following along)

  1. Enable "USB debugging" on your android device under developer
    options. If you don't have developer options enabled, go to Settings
    > About > (Software Information) > press "Build number" 7

  2. Connect your Android device to your PC.

  3. Install Android Studio on your PC, there are instructions on how
    to install the drivers to your device based on Windows version. (1.9 gbs)

  4. Download and Extract an Android Debug Bridge on your PC (adb executable) (7 mbs)

  5. Go to the folder where you previously extracted the adb
    executable, it should be called platform-tools. Shift+Right Click an
    empty space and click "Open command window here."

  6. In the command prompt, type "adb devices" to check if your device is properly attached.

  7. Type "adb logcat > logcat.txt". The command prompt might say
    "- waiting for device -" or it might not say anything, it doesn't matter
    as long as the device is attached.

  8. Now, you will try to replicate/recreate the error (or whatever)
    on your device. Remember to keep it connected to the PC at all times.

  9. When you finish, you can close the command prompt
    and there should be a text file called logcat. You can email the file or
    upload it to dropbox.

Tip: When performing the error, try to complete it in as little time as possible to reduce the size of the .txt file.


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    Every time i see boneyard beta stuff, I regret abandoning my Samsung galaxy for not having solomon’s keep OTL
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    you know you can get an LG Stylo 2 Plus for under 90 bucks on ebay thats a pretty strong phone

    edit: awww i must admit i miss the spinning circle animation for the thumb sticks but they look cool like that too.
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    Well, I wouldn't waste 90 bucks just try boneyard beta when I can just wait for few days to get an updated boneyard on iOS for free. 
  • @war2k, I have been fighting off one star reviews on Android from people who think the firing stick is a button and "this game sucks, fix the firing, it just fires off in random directions."
  • I saw you changed the price color to red=not enough money.

    Now I'm thinking about how you could differentiate the "lower price because recently used" to "normal pricing".

    Maybe using green on the lower prices?

    Dont know... Just an idea...
  • Ah, see the other thread on this subject.  If I have to distribute a color wheel with the game, then the design is bad.  I think simply letting the description text say "high price cuz never used" is probably sufficient.  However, I could maybe do something to the border for items you already have encheapened.
  • wow i didn't think people would confuse the thumbsticks for buttons like that. btw how do you see the reviews? i tried looking for it in the app store but couldn't see it.
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    They all appear on my google play console.  They also notify my phone every time, and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn that off, it's a sort of punishment for that time I yelled at my mother, I think. :)
  • FYI - Noticed that Keep was Game Launcher good, even in Beta. However, Boneyard isn't Game Launcher supported - which means I die when 1/3 my screen gets blocked by an incoming text message.
  • Game Launcher... what is that?  If Keep is Game Launcher Good it's completely by accident!!!
  • Samsung uses a function called Game Launcher, it has call and notification squelching while playing games launched with it. It consolidates all your games into a single Launcher app, if they're available to be used by it. Unsure if the decision of compatibility is Dev-side or Google-side.
  • It might be that it'll work when it's live on the app store... I know Google makes a whole different compile for that, i.e. it's not the same package I upload (I compared them).
  • Ok, I'll keep an eye out on this for everyone
  • Appreciated!  I double checked the game manifests and they're identical, so I expect it all to "just work."
  • I'm not in the beta, so I haven't seen the new thumb sticks, but it might be a good idea to include an "old thumb sticks" option for the people who preferred the classic ones.
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