Monday Screenshot 5/11: Lots of skills

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As I develop certain parts of the game I have no intention of ever showing online prior to release, I'm running out of things to show!  I didn't want to give you yet another picture of yet another dungeon from yet another angle, so while I can't show you the whole UI, I can show you elements of it.

Here's the skill list for the Paladin and Necromancer.  One issue I'm having is that old Solomon's Keep had a whole lot of skills for the mage, but that number isn't appropriate for the other classes (for instance, trying to make 70 unique, every-single-one-different skills for a warrior-- impossible!)  I'm trying to decide whether to cut the mage's skills down, break the mage into two different classes, or just go ahead and let the mage have far more skills than everyone else.

And before anyone asks, no I won't announce what those skills actually are, until I'm closer to release, in case they change.  No fair speculating and coming up with cooler ideas for each icon than I've thought up myself, though!


  • Cool, so Paladin can use swords, maces and axes. Can we dual wield? Plz tell me we can :D

    And I didn't know that gesture meant to curse people lol
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    So far as I know, that guesture is the "warding off of the evil eye" in real life.  Popularized in modern times as "rock on" of course.
  • Oh neat now it's a different image with branches. Admittedly still leaves much to imagination but still, thanks John ;)
  • heh, st. peters cross. cant wait to see what that does.
  • Hey, that's a sword!
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    the thing underneath the skull at the top directly under the word necromancer is a sword?
    Thickest, most unbalanced sword ever. :P
  • I think he was thinking you were referring to the sword under the word "faith"
  • Oh haha, no the under under "Necromancer" is two crossed bones.
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    I say dont worry if wizards have more skills, so long as multiclassing wont be a headache IF it even will exist. On another note, will there be a possibility of an unholy paladin tree? A paladin that follows the edicts of some shadier deity?
  • I really like vlad's idea, perhaps two faith trees, one good and one evil? If we're thinking of the difficulty of creating wielding in classes other than mage, perhaps there could be multiple faith tree's for different dieties that chiefly imbue your sword with a unique passive? Then we could have multi-faith paladins :P It'd be cool to choose from a Protection Paladin, Corrupted Paladin, Eldritch Paladin, War Path Paladin, other perhaps?

    For necromancy, maybe his wielding takes the form of unholy experiments taken out on his undead summons? It'd be cool to have malformed creations that take two halves of different creatures, or possibly hybrids them haha
    If versatility is a problem, branching choices that are exclusive/maximum of two for wielding (like the mage) might help? :) Just my two cents.

    And on that note, should we start a thread just about messing around with ideas and suggestions? Somewhere we can just be silly, go extreme, and not really take it seriously. That way everyone could just come up with stuff they think would be cool without worrying that people will judge, since it's just for fun anyway :P And having a thread with a tonne of crazy ideas might help Raptis creatively too, since it's about getting inspired and new perspectives rather than practical stuff :P
  • (sorry ive been gone for so long, works been killing me x.x)

    i think an idea/suggestion thread is a great idea, and showing us the skill tree is such a tease, my mind is racing trying to figure out what each would be, and i sincerely hope im wrong with most of my guesses (not because i dont like what i think the skills are, but just so im surprised when i actually see them)

    keep up the good work raptisoft =D
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