Who's your favorite character in Solomon's boneyard?

mine is andra xD shes got frost jet and i find steam one of the more fun abilities to use :D


  • Athicus hands down. Best character there is. But I do like the fire+lightning combo, runs out of mana too quickly though.
  • Wazoo for sure. I love that magical shield, and blocking arrows with frost jet too!
  • Wazoo is the best, but personally i do like the way the fire mages play as they seem to work better close combat, if only they were more viable and survived longer :P
  • How bout least favorites? I dislike vorpus. His mana is too hard to manage.
  • After knowing how good Keep is, I put off playing Boneyard so that I could play the more polished Dark. Wonder if I should just download Boneyard now :-??
  • Boneyard is exactly Keep, except it's an arena game where you just try to survive as long as you can.  It doesn't have the exploration and questing, but if you're just in the mood to shatter skeletons, try it!  After all, it's free!  It's also a prequel, so it gives you some backstory to what happened before Keep.
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    I gave up on keep, i played through, beat dark, then went back through and got up to demigod (on hard core, so one death and i had to delete). I died on demigod hardcore dark lord boss. Was a ragequit that is still going on now...

    Least favourite in boneyard: the frost+fire mage (the smoke is too dense to see through.
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    You should really try playing boneyard, it's tons of fun. Not only that, but when you destroy a horde of skeletons it gives a whole heap of satisfying 'boom' sounds. Also it's a free game that isn't littered with ads and doesn't rely on iAP to enjoy it.

    Have to say Wazoo is my favorite, great for beginners, good balance of early and late game.

    Also, mages are a pain to deal with.
  • Athicus is the best suited character for getting far. Especially if you use the perks that gives you the subskills of their main skill, combined with the +2 skills rings and the perk that increases starting skills by 2 (I think? been a long time) you essentially start with frost jet 7, magic missile 7, chill wind 7, cone of ice 7, more missiles 7, etc... 
    Frost missile weld is essential to have any hope of beating the 5+ unholy, as you can hope for a chance to get a glitch that freezes him and not give him a chance to spawn imps. Imps aren't hard to get past but they crash the game. My iPod overheated at one point too ha. I put it in the freezer after that. 

    The glitch can be seen here: 
    In that video I'm using plain magic missile and I think I even used Morth instead of Athicus in that run.
    Magic missile does work for the glitch too, it is just safer to use frost missile because in my experience it works much better to freeze him and he doesnt even have to be stuck in your shield (I guess that is what is happening). Frost missile you should fire at him while he is off screen and after watching which way the missiles curve, shoot toward him, if the missiles hit him in quick enough succession he will be frozen completely. Allowing you to kill him off the screen: 

    Has ANYONE ever gotten the +2 to all skills ring without hacking? John confirmed it was actually possible once, just very rare. So rare it seems not a single person has ever gotten it. I remember at one point I unforged thousands of rings to try to get a great run, but not a single one was +2 to all skills. Inventory was very tedious to navigate as well. I moved my potions to the center after a while. Helped a lot . 

  • Haven't played Boneyard that much but Athicus is the best. On keep I like using Ice in till the last second then upgrading to ice+lighting. The worst would have to be ether though
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    @ShadowKnight, ice and lightning, for the ice beam? Its hard to be accurate :p why that one?
  • Vorpus ftw. I still remember the 20000 DPS Flame Lash. XD

    Also listen to xgl, he is hands down the best Solomon player we know of.

    As for the +2 to All Skills ring, someone said the got it, but that they didn't have Magic Inventory or whatever it's called so they lost it when they died.
  • I currently have a +1 to all skills on keep but thats not are rare.. @LordKronsell, I like lighting the best, and ice is pretty beast with the harden, Fame lash is better but costs more. as for accuracy its better then fire balls so. 
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    In magical backpack it remembers set rings, but how do you replace the ones in its memory? If i unforge rings, they reappear?
  • Dying is what saves your inventory, so if you unforge and quit game and then start a new game then your rings should be back, I'm not entirely sure though.
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