Any Four Letter Words! update in the future?

I was wondering if Four Letter Words! might receive an update in the near future to look even better on newer devices?

FLW! is one of my favorite quick play word games and i simply love it. FLW! works very well on my iPod Touch (5th) running iOS 8.3, mind you at a reduced screen sized, and the game has never crashed once for me.

I would really love to see FLW! take advantage of the newer sized screens. Aside from making the artwork a bit bigger, which i am sure, is not an easy feat. There is nothing that i could think of thay would need to be done to FLW!, it is already a well polished and additively fun word game.

Looking forward to a reply, and thanks for making these great games.


  • Well... alas, Four Letter Words is probably the least successful game I've ever released, so I probably won't be updating it unless there's a specific problem that needs to be fixed.

    I'm glad to hear there's a fan of it though!  I loved the game myself and expected it to do a lot better than it did. :D
  • Thanks for the quick reply and i'm really sorry to hear that. It's a real shame to, quite often gems like Four Letter Words never see the success they truly deserve. However, i am still enjoying it, and will continue to.

    It does run on iOS 8.3 with no problems, and has never crashed. I'm glad the design of the game allows the letters to be big enough to see and to use, even with a smaller sized game screen, and it still looks great.
  • We need to start donating so Raptis can hire a marketing team!! >:D
    We should start FB and Twitter campaigns ourselves too, so annoying that all these awesome games pass by people unnoticed :(
  • Sadly, I don't understand the marketing biz at all in the least.  I tell people I put all my skill points into programming and art, didn't have any left to put into marketing.
  • im sure they have a crash course seminar in marketing somewhere that you could go to just to get some brief ideas on how to improve a bit, even if its just enough to get that last level up to just put one point in marketing, as you know the first point is one of the most effective points, generally doubling the power :P
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