Monday Screenshot 5/18: Spelling it out

So currently I'm working on getting all the basic "object types" into the game, and hooking them up for multiplayer (I learned from Dark multiplayer that one MUST do this before anything else).  Basic objects in Solomon's Keep are Players, Monsters, Projectiles, Turrets, Constant-Cast Spells, and Single Effects.

This screenshot illustrates "turrets," and in this specific case, the port of the Leviathan spell from Dark into the 3D environment.  I truly wish I wasn't afraid to upload to youtube at this time, because these things look spectacular in motion-- the parallax of the hole into the ether plane along with the wiggling of the tentacles... well, it just has to be seen to believed!  But I'm happy to say they're all hooked up to multiplayer, leaving me only Constant-Cast spells and Single Effects to deal with (and I hope that happens this week).

Anyway, enjoy!  I did.


  • Thats awesome!
  • Indeed it is.

    Also peace. What is that doing there...?
  • Is that a paladin summoning Leviathans?
  • No, right now I am using the paladin as a placeholder graphic for everyone... he can act like any class. :)

    An inverted peace symbol is kinda like an inverted cross, or inverted pentagram...
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    Well that looks awesome. I'm glad you are doing more with the ether too. Planar magic with the ether, sigil or other dimensions is by far my favorite kind.
  • It is a matter of serious contention amongst wizards (sometimes to the point of physical violence) whether Ether is a plane or an Element.  It seems to have the properties of both at different times (similar to light behaving as both a wave and a particle).
  • Obviously the ether element isnt of that world, it comes from the ether plane thus it must be both!
  • It would be funny if there is a side quest about a wizard guy who will ask you what you think about ether, and whether you answer it's an element or a plane he will still attack you :))
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    Soil on earth is called earth, therefore soil on mars is called mars. "when suddenly, a pile of mars fell down on him" becasue why not
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