Solomon fans - ever try ziggurat?

I found a game on steam a while back called ziggurat. It's a first person shooter where you are a wizard in a randomly generated tower. Levelups work generally the same style, but your spells are pickups, and levels only give you funky perks. Anyone else try it? Like it?


  • I saw screenshots but never tried it (I haven't been a big fan of first person)... what I've been playing a lot of lately is a quirky little game on Steam called "Dungeonmans," which is probably the be-all end-all of Roguelikes.
  • yay! the forums are back up =D (or was it just me? i couldnt get to the site for about 1/2 the day yesterday) i tend to side with rapti, im not a big fan of fps, but i do like CoD, and i like magic, so ill give it a shot melded together lol (as long as its reasonably priced x.x) and ill definitly look into that dungeonmans, i wasnt really a fan of roguelikes either, but there growing on me, latest one i was playing was Risk of Rain, also on steam, its incredibly hard to get started, but once you get a foothold, the game becomes a breeze (havent tried it on the highest difficulty yet though..)
  • just checked both games out, i like them both, and id be interested in them, but im not payin $15 for either of them lol.. added them both to my wish list and waiting for them to go on sale before i buy x.x
  • I have watched a lot of videos of "Hammerwatch" and I think that looks really good. I don't really like how some of the graphics are hard to make out, they are just a strain on the eyes it's weird. I am trying to make my own game and I want it to kind of be like Hammerwatch but I want it to have a bit better graphics, like 64x64 but still "retro" and I want it to have a story.
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    Dungeonmans is only a must-have if you're a huge rogue/roguelike fan.  If you are, it probably represents the pinnacle of the genre-- the best roguelike I've ever seen.  If you're not a huge fan, you'll feel like you wasted $10 (I got it when it was only $5 though) because the graphics and interface feel like they stepped right out of 1998. 

    And Tears, like all roguelikes,it's incredibly hard to get started, but once you do, the depth involved in the game is tremendous.

    I got Hammerwatch when it first came out, since I liked the look and it seemed similar to Solomon's.  Something about the game feels off to me, though-- I think the problem to me is that the levels in it are pointless large-- i.e. they're large without being fun to explore, nor is there any mechanism in the game (like XP->Levelup) that makes grinding feel worth it (there is a levelup system, but it involves finding an NPC who is selling the skills you want).
  • think it will go on sale again soon? im interested in trying it, i just think that $15 tag on it is a bit excessive, the most i would expect to pay for a retro style roguelike is $10 at full price, risk of rain i think was $10, but i bought it on sale for $2 lol

    ill probably still try both games eventually, when funds make it available, but im hoping to be glued to the revamped SK by the time that would happen :P
  • On sale again?  No idea-- put it on watch tho.  I would have to say that if (and only if!!!!) you are a huge, insane, tile-based retro-feeling roguelike fan, it's worth the $15.  I have been playing it for more than two weeks now, and every single time I sit down and say "okay, I think I'm done" I accidentally discover some new game feature that adds a whole new layer to it.  I'm so impressed by how well they did that that I intend to find some way to do that with Solomon's... working on a whole page of skills that can be unlocked for each character, all the skills that don't really fit "in the balance" but still would be fun to play.

    But again, I have to put the caveat: If you're a VERY LARGE roguelike fan, this is the ultimate (and possibly last!) roguelike.  It fills the niche so completely that I'm not even sure there's a reason for me to ever play another one.

    But I'll check out Risk of Rain.
  • risk of rain is only roguelike in the essence that it has perma death, other then that id call it an adventure/grinding pixel game, still fun tho, but it does lose its thrill after you unlock most of the stuff. and the only thing it has to add that new exciting element, is the artifacts, after you unlock them, you can enable or disable as many as you like, and each one alters the game play, some substantially, others, not so much.. me personally, i dont even have everything unlocked, i have all the characters and all but 2 of the artifacts, but it has become the same grindfest each time that i really dont have an interest in picking it up again to unlock everything 
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