Advertisement button bug

edited October 2017 in Beta Testing
After selecting a skill to level up and the advertisement (placeholder) appears I sometimes get my android buttons (back, home and app history buttons) getting stuck on the right side of the screen and not fading away forcing them to overlay on the right hand thumbstick. And I end up hitting one of those buttons by mistake. In order to get rid of it I have to exit the game and go back in. To me its not a big issue but I realized people giving you stars might give you a headache for it I dunno if anyone has brought this up on there but I think this will only effect people with no physical buttons on their phones/tablets.

Note: I have not had this issue (that I recall) with actual advertisements appearing I only remember them happening on the placeholder ones.

Edit: this bug has only occurred in SB. SK didn't have it.
I am using an LG Stylo 2 Plus phone.


  • Hrm... it might be the test vs live ads... when we're closer to Halloween, I'll put up a beta with live ads, and we'll see.  Cuz I can't even think of anything to LOOK at that could be causing this.
  • Didn't you say Google prohibits real ads in pre-release builds?

    Incidentally, I encountered the same issue twice in beta versions of Keep.
  • No, I can get in trouble with Admob, but I wrote them and they said for a final test build, if I'm about to release, just to make sure it all works, it's okay.
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