Boneyard Beta - Everweld?

Am I missing something about this Perk? Not quite sure of its purpose. I just did a play through using it and all it did was switch to my Spliced spell when leveling up. Unless you're not suppose to be able to choose your Firing Spell from tapping on the icon during gameplay, I can't see what this Perk does.


  • Welded spells only upgrade when you select to re-weld them from the skill menu.  I.E. if you have magic missile+fireball, and weld it into Magic Fireball... if you subsequently get More Missiles, you will not start shooting double Magic Fireballs until you select the weld skill again.

    This perks makes it so that your welded spells re-weld every single time and it's not necessary to wait for and select the welding spell again on levelup.
  • And yes, welding is very different in Keep HD.  This system has to be explained too much.
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    Ok thanks for elaborating this - I was under the impression it already did this. Lol
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    okay so the way welding works (before using everweld) is lets say you are using Griselda, she uses fireball and magic missile and her weld is fire missile (if i am not mistaken) lets say you have level 3 magic missile  and level 4 fireball and you got access to weld them at those levels, but later you wanted to upgrade magic missile from 3 to 4. well the fire missile weld will still behave as tho it were a level 3 magic missile and level 4 fireball so you'd have to wait for another fire missile weld to update the changes you made. Everweld does this for you by auto adjusting your weld on the fly so if you update more missiles from 6 to 7 it will reflect that in fire missiles as well.

    Edit: ahhh crap i had to take a phone call and forgot to press post comment lol
    edit2: oh magic fireball haha i was close lol
  • Yeah, I get that now. I was wondering why I got offered Welds after already doing the Weld, thinking it already had the mechanism of Everweld. But that being said, let me ask this - am I suppose to be being offered Firing spells not innate to my Wizard while equipped with Everweld? For example, was getting offered Magic Missile using Wazoo. @raptisoft.
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    Hmmmm I think it should only be frostjet, lightning and magic shield for Wazoo. Unless you acidently bought into magic missile for him. I don't recall being offered any of the other main element spells unless I asked for a level 1 via bribery. But I could be mistaken

    Edit: looks like I was mistaken indeed I was using vorpus and was offered magic missile. Funky I don't remember it doing that.
  • When you select Everweld, it will give you all opportunities to weld.  The character just starts with specific skills, there's no limit per character to what you can learn.
  • Not game breaking, but more Quality of Life - can we keep the Firing Spell to current whenever we choose an upgrade on a Firing Spell? I use Everweld and when choosing an upgrade on any of the Main Firing Spells, it switches to that spell instead of remaining on the currently used Firing Spell. This causes the Player to constantly have to reselect their current Firing Spell after upgrade. @raptisoft
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