SB Beta4 Advert Bug?

this evening i've noticed that placeholders have switched to displaying raptisoft advertisements and i recall you saying something about getting in trouble if it to show something other than the placeholders unless it were the last version just before release so i thought i would just point that out that the placeholders aren't showing as much anymore.


  • That just happens if an ad is unable to load-- internet trouble or airplane mode or whatever.  That's completely outside of the admob system.
  • ah okay, better safer than sorry
  • SB AD bug report.

    - I had purchased "Kill the ADS" at beta1
    - in beta4, tap Settings->Restore Purchases->Okay,  But still shows red "Kill the ADS" icon.
    - and tap the "Kill the ADS" then APP crashed.
    - my purchase has no effect at all...

    sorry for my bad english.
  • Well, Restore Purchases is iPhone only, because on Google it's automatic when you start an app...

    Do you have your order information?  I can then tell if it went through or not on this end.
  • Why is this option even available on Android, then?
  • So that dear programmer, who is so very busy and is working so very hard to get all these games ported, doesn't have to go around swapping out code for each different build.
  • Ah, okay. So the iOS and Android versions are so similar that you can compile them from the same codebase?
  • Yes-- I have core functions that are specific to each system, but the game code is all the same.
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