What antivirus software are you using?

hey, i bought this computer quite a while ago, and i still havent gotten any antivirus protection for it (i just havent had the money or time to go buy it ever sync up) i used to use webroot spysweeper on my old pc, and i liked that, but had a hard time finding it in the store, and read some reviews of it that were less then flattering, so i was just wondering if anyone else had a suggestion of what to get? 

(as a note, i do NOT use anything that you can download or anything that is free, i simply dont trust it unless its a physical CD im installing it from)


  • AVG Free forever  ^:)^

    AVG is the king of antivirus, nothing else compares.
  • meh.. thats in direct contrast to both of my stipulations  [-(
  • and another random question, but didnt feel like starting another discussion and spamming the forums.. why are there so many [deleted user]'s joining? are they spam bots that rapti is simply killing?
  • I use Avira, not bad for the most part. Used to use Kaspersky but it was like super heavy to run.
  • I highly recommend AVG, I cannot even think of a downside to it. Worst case though you could use AVG until you decide if and when youll buy a CD antivirus. Or maybe even if you are astounded by the incredibleness of AVG you would buy the full version (though AVG Free is more than enough)

     Be certain that if you decide to install AVG that you uninstall it before installing any others, or else there will be an antivirus battle to the death. 

    Truly if you need anything other than AVG then you probably shouldnt have done whatever you did to get the virus anyways. If you are hacked and it is completely not your fault then an antivirus couldn't do much either. I ran my computer for a year and never needed one. I feel like its for people who think they are actually the 999,999th visitor. Lol. Just dont click suspicious links.
  • I use AVG and love it. Never had a problem.
  • bah.. you guys are gunna make me try avg arent you  :(( 

    my main issue with downloadable antivirus is that its a self promotion thing, you download it and it shows you all the "viruses" you have on your computer, thus validating its worth. its the same reason why you wouldnt have an antique dealer come appraise some items, have him say some stuff isnt worth much and try and buy them off you (happened to my grandmother, she was going to sell it but i told her not to, then when they left had the stuff be appraised by another dealer, and the thing he offered $30 for was appraised for 2.5k by another dealer -.-)
  • The [deleted users] are spam-flagged users that I just manually delete after looking into their (blocked) history to see what kind of posts they're trying to make. 
  • Norton absolutely does that. I remember when i had norton it told me like "oh norton has blocked 15394 viruses this month" which is an absolute joke. It was literally a 5 digit number ha. AVG has never done that to me. 
  • that must be exhausting >.> there has to be atleast 1 deleted user for every non deleted one lol... and even with that theres only a handfull of us that actually contribute to the forums, the rest are a bunch of voyeurs lol
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    It's not too bad... I have to maybe clear out 1-2 a week.  You'd be amazed, though, at *how many* posts those 1-2 fake users try to get through.  If I wasn't quarantining them, this forum would have more than a thousand spam posts.

    BTW, I have never had a problem using AVG.  Though I use Malwarebytes now, since I'm more worried about random injections from wikis than I am about installing a trojan.
  • fine fine ill try it :( (heading to work now so ill get it later)
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