Boneyard Beta - Unresponsive Touch Spot

Not game breaking or anything, but tapping right part of word "menu" on Return to Menu doesn't do anything. Maybe off or not a large enough touch field.


  • Similarly, I notice that once in a while I have issues with the touch points on the perks menu and have to touch to the left of the Get Gol Icon, in Perks Screen, and watch an ad to get the touch points to properly work.
  • Okay, will work on these.
  • Return to Menu touch field fixed. However, Perks selection still wigging out on trying to select a Perk. Only work around is to click Get Gold & click View Ad for Gold - which has an animation that shows the button being pressed several times, despite only being pressed once. Exiting or viewing the Ad seems to correct this issue. This bug occurs every time you open the app after close.
  • Sneaky, are you able to upload a video of this in action?

    The multiple button press animation is caused by the way the ad takes over the display-- it's not harmful.  However, I am concerned about the "wigging out" so I'd like to see it in action (or described better!)
  • To elaborate, when I go to tap a Perk on the Perk screen, the tapping function is treated like a small scroll to the right. It acts like I did a small swipe to the right versus tapping. This gets corrected with the above work around.
  • Hrm, okay, I will look into that.
  • @raptisoft Not sure what was done, but this is fixed now!!
  • Hey @sneakypantz, it should have been good in the last beta... I had made the scrolling a little less responsive.
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