SB Suggestion for drop adjustment (possible bug?)

In my last 8 runs for beta 5 I've noticed that any rare rings that dropped had one stat type on them and were on the low end. Meaning I'd get rare rings that were 10% walking speed increase or 50% to 100% gold find increase and I had anviled tons that were listed as just magical ring (common ring?) All the rare rings I had gotten (when the rng gods were kind) in beta 4 and earlier have had dual stats on them. I dunno if this is a bug or just bad luck on my part.

I would like to make a suggestion for boss drops I've had lots of runs where all they drop are health potions and coin. Is there any way to adjust the drop ratio for bosses? Or maybe make it so it drops a potion with a chance for a ring?

Just one other note epics are really scarce, I have only seen one drop since SB beta 1.


  • I noticed this too with Beta 5. I've been getting Rare Rings with 10% Mana Recovery and such. Bosses barely drop anything worthwhile. This was kind of why I asked about a Boss toggle option, because the Bosses don't offer much in ways of loot.
  • Hm, I don't remember the specifics here about how original Boneyard worked... looking at the code, it looks like this is just purely random, and mediated by how far along you are, meaning: a late boss can still drop a ring of "+1 sissypants" or it could randomly be dropping a ring of "+100 to all skills."

    Keep an eye out and let me know.  I have to submit the game to Apple very soon to reliably hit my release date, but no problem doing a quick update to adjust drops if this isn't just random chance.  But the code looks clean.
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