Solomon's Boneyard Beta 6

edited October 2017 in Beta Testing
Okay, Beta 6 is being rolled out right now (give it 1-6 hours, remember).  If it doesn't say "Beta 6" on top, you're not at the latest and greatest.

I've disabled the super-high Ad4Gold monies in this beta.  New concern: Watch for rare or epic drops-- there was some concern that they weren't dropping.  The code looks good, but if they're not happening it's clearly an adjustment I want to make.

Oops, forgot to include the change list:

    o Touch zones on menus are improved
    o Your "new primary skill" will no longer be selected on levelup, unless it's a weld.
    o Ads4Gold no longer give uber gold-- hope you stocked up!
    o Added golems-- just kidding!  Maybe later.
    o A bug that could stop new monsters coming out is fixed
    o Bought perks will now persist if you quit the game from the menu screen


  • Hey Raptisoft, I was hoping there was some more spots in Beta testing. I would love to be a part of helping you mold this awesome game (please!)! Sorry if this is the wrong spot to ask!
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