Second boss key in Solomon‘s keep

I have Solomon‘s Keep for iOS, V4.69.
In a level I got the first boss key very early and then already opened the door, killing the boss. After that I wiped out the whole level, finding a second boss key in the last box. I guess this is a bug?


  • Yes... sort of.  But it's a harmless one, you can just use it on the next boss.
  • Yes I did. And got a second key after that again. :D Yeah, no problem here - just for feedback. ;-)
  • Yeah, once you start getting keys, it becomes a cascade.  It's overcompensation for a glitch that was causing a key to not spawn at all, so this is a better glitch.  I'll probably fix it eventually, but it's not on my urgent list.  Meanwhile, the "no key at all" bug WAS urgent and this was a fast fix to make sure it didn't happen.
  • I see and agree completely. :)
  • Just wondering can excess keys be sold?
  • No, but you can use them later.  You'll end the game with an extra key, though. 
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