Solomon's Boneyard Beta 7

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I have begun rolling out Boneyard Beta 7.  Remember, anywhere from ten seconds to six hours for it to show up for you.

So only a couple small tweaks here... I adjusted the perk scrolling window to hopefully fix any perk selecting issues there, and I noticed that Boneyard's item list was MUCH shorter than Keep's, which I think is accounting for people not getting good drops.  I've added in Keep's items, and made a few more to buff the new spells I added last update.

I also further reduced the perk buy price (after you first purchase them to unlock them) so as to not make play too onerous.  I can sense people preparing their one star freemium reviews even now.

Please test this version as hard as you can as quickly as you can.  To make sure it's all ready on Halloween, I want to submit to Apple no later than tomorrow (if Apple delays the launch, I will delay it across the board).  So in the name of all that is holy, let me know of anything showstopping ASAP.



  • wow 2 updates in one day.......updated drops oh i will be spelunking YES!!! :D

  • Still having that issue on Perk Screen. Running Android 7.0 using an S8 Active.
  • Sneaky, do you have a way to get me video of this?  I think I'm probably fixing the wrong problem, I adjusted the sensitivity of scrolling, and clearly that's not the issue.
  • I'll see how I can capture it for you. Standby
  • So when it's shaking like that, you're tapping?
  • edited October 2017
    Yessir! I'm trying to tap any perk directly on the icon.
  • Sneaky, can you remind me what device you have?  I think to solve this one I'm going to have to get the device.  There's no good reason for that behavior, especially if it goes away after watching an ad.  That suggests to me it's something to do with the Android OS that gets reset after the ad shows.
  • Android 7.0 running on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (AT&T exclusive).
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