How is the new Boneyard? (I couldn't get into the beta)

Hi so I was just recently shocked when I found SK on the android play store so of course I downloaded it and had a jolly good time and then saw that something is going to happen on the 31st (probably boneyard). I was just wondering for the people that got into the beta is there any sort of additions to the game such as balancing,new enemies, etc. I remember many many many moons ago when I used to play SB on my IPhone 3Gs and while it was a incredibly fun the game started to chug when the bosses showed up and spawned a million imps. Is this going to be fixed in SB on the android? Also I know everyone keeps asking if they can get a beta invite but is there any sort of newsletter I can sign up for? I really like the Solomon games and I even remember checking up on this website during SD's dev cycle 5 or so years ago.

Finally glad to hear that Raptisoft is back in the swing of things but I have to say you ported SK to android yet you haven't updated the main page at ;)


  • Yes my good man there is a good deal of new content you should be excited very very excited
  • I'll tease some for you:

    -revamped perk system (cost money to use it per game)
    -some previous perks became fates (which does not cost anything)
    -new perks and spells (mostly from the incomplete version of Solomon Dark)
    -magic backpack(now called scavenger) now cost money to use each time.
    -new monsters (coming soon)
  • It is definitely going to make you drop dozens of hours into it, with all the awesome replay value. However, I think it's release is disrelated to whatever Mr. Rapti has in store for us on the 31st. :)
  • Oh dang that sounds great! so it's essentially SB1.5? Really wish I signed up for that beta then :( At the very least when SB drops I will be able to play a Solomon game with the best remix of the combat/in game theme (SD's remix/cover just isn't the same as SB's).

    Well thanks for telling me about SB! but yeah Raptisoft it wouldn't hurt to add android to the SK section on your website :D

    Also if there is a need for more beta testing drop me a line because my Iphone 3gs was my go to Solomon device until it got run over by a car so yeah.. that I haven't been able to play SB for about 5 or so years (I miss my bro Wazoo :(   )
  • I was so glad to find SK on the Play Store as well, brings back so many memories from my old 3GS in 2010.
    Also wished that I could be in the beta for SK but seems I was too late.
    Looking forward for SK and also 31st!
  • Apparently you can recombine welded spells (after leveling up?) if you unlock/buy a specific perk. I was surprised to see this, as I never thought that welded spells would be given an option to potentially strengthen/improve.

    I have not played far enough to unlock this yet but it would interesting to see the perk in action.

    My characters (in any of the Solomon games) always died before I could do much with welded spells. It was due to either I didn’t level up both spells enough to make it strong to work well or my characters died before I could even weld anything:(
  • Guys how can you summon bosses now?
  • @noctis

    Click the witch->go to fate section->buy boss monster fate->play
  • Note, I will be putting sparklies and a little fairy that hovers around the "fate" tab that says "Hey, Listen!" because holy cow, people are not noticing that "fates" tab.
  • @raptisoft
    Please Don't do such a thing!

    *Horrible Zelda flashbacks start*

    I'm fine with sparkles but... Please no... Don't let my childhood nightmares be added back into SB.
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    @tokiwartooth, can you believe this video even exists? 
  • that is just cruel and unjust punishment on us innocents lol
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