Beta 7 has no bugs. Nothing to see here, Move along.


  • Hey, can I have your savegame?
  • believe it or not, all the bugs i reported i never needed to do that...... can you give me the ez mode way how to do that? i have dropbox installed on my phone, what to i send to it?
  • Somewhere on your phone, and it's different for each one, so best way is to search... there's a folder called  That's all I need, all the contents of the sandbox folder.  If you can give me a dropbox link to that, I'm in.

    In the future, I will code a way to upload game data from the game itself.  There might be a way for me to read and send logcats too, but I need to be not be behind schedule to play around with that stuff.
  • Usual location for your typical android phone would be
    If on  Internal storage
    and in there, should be 2 sav files game64.sav and quick64.sav
    if not there then try the SD card (if you have one installed) same directory structure.
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    Thanks War2k! Sent it over.
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