Solomon's Boneyard Release Candidate 1

I have started a roll-out of Solomon's Boneyard Release Candidate 1.

What's new is:

o Ads are live now (as a release candidate, this is acceptable)
o A few very minor bugs have been fixed
o "Beta" has been taken off the menu screen

The remaining bugs in the game appear to be phone specific, and I will be addressing them when I can get actual physical phones to duplicate them.


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    One question/suggestion regarding ads. Would you consider finding a way to put a minimum time between ads showing? Early game if you're running xp bonuses while the ads are short it does amount to a lot in a short time.

    Edit : yes I get there is remove ads feature (personally will purchase once we finish testing) just considering what the 50% who will play enough to get xp rings but be too tight to pay for that feature will think, and where the push level is for them
  • I actually CAN limit the ads... but I'll have to think about whether I want to do that or allow ad pre-watching.  Or maybe I'll adjust it so that the bonuses don't make it happen in the first update.  I admit I intended the ads to be on levelup only and didn't consider that the red books would also cause it.
  • The bonus skills had cropped up for me too. 2 xp rings, quad damage and a couple of bonus skills means lots of ads lol
  • Since iOS is already submitted, and I have a specific date that I plan to release it on (don't bother asking), I will update it so that bonus books don't ad you in when I (undoubtedly) do an fix-things update.
  • After playing a lot with all the characters and stages, I have no problems with the game. I had one with bosses and one with unresponsive touch to "save and close" and "return to game" in menus , but these are all gone with the updates. 

    My only issue is when there are hundreds of imps comming at me and from ~2.5k kills , i go to 25k, the frames are droping too low. I was thinking that my phone with 6 GB of RAM could handle this.

    Apart from this minor complain , this port is excellent. WELL DONE

    Tested in Oneplus3 , Android 7.1.1
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    It's not the memory that would be the issue in this case i believe it's all on the gpu to handle all those entities moving on the screen at one time i don't think a mobile gpu is at the stage yet where it can handle so many on the screen at one time. on a pc it's a different story, i've got a geforce 670 and it can handle loads of imps at a time on the screen (in SD the enhancement that changes embers to imps generates way more than theunholyone does in SB when using an ample amount of spell cast boost).
  • In the latest, the imps are capped at 150 onscreen... I WOULD expect mobile to be able to handle that.  I'll check it out.
  • Can confirm i have had a a couple of chugg moments with imps. It's not every time, but consistent enough to be a pain. Wondering if there is some resources management in the back end of android being a dick I'm on a note 5 which should handle it really.
  • It might be... Android DOES have a java core, and java does "cleanup" on its own at intervals.  I'll keep an eye on this... but I'm intending to update in a few of Dark's boss monsters, if things go well, which will help because your chances of dying before you reach a level of Unholy that brings out a bajillion imps are higher.
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