About the future of Hamsterball

Hi John,

I would like to take this chance to thank you and the other people involved so much for developing this awesome game, I have been playing it since it was almost first released and I never get tired of it!

What I would like to ask you is,

Is Hamsterball 2 the game released by TikGames in 2010?

Do you have any plans to release a new Hamsterball for PC?

Thanks again! 


  • Hola,

    No the TikGames one was a "port" and any extra levels or changes in gameplay were designed and implemented by TikGames.  I don't typically do first person type stuff-- I don't like it!

    Hamsterball 2 is the next game in the queue after Solomon's Keep.  It's already partly written, the big hold-up is the level editor, which is hard to make user friendly (it's going to allow uploading and sharing levels like Robot Wants Kitty).

    So, when Solomon's Keep finally is finished, Hamsterball 2 should be anywhere from 1-4 months away.


  • Hey John,

    I also want to thank you for Hamsterball. I´m playing it for years and it is always fun, in single player or with friends.
    I´m also very interested in HB2. Have you ever thought about some kind of early access release to include the users in your development? I mean something like sharing information and screens step by step like how does it look like, what game modes are planned, if you planning a network game and so on to be discussed in your forum.

    If you need beta testers for HB2 let me know :)


  • Count me in too!
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