About ads seen so far

In candidate 1 so far I have seen one questionable advertisement so far from citasconlatinas (I believe it was called) its adult oriented (not safe for work) and something you wouldn't want your kid seeing (if playing on their own tablet). Just a heads up.


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    So boneyard is now...

    with-ads = M
    without-ads = E10

    Kids, stop playing boneyard and go play some Hoggy. :D
  • Aren't the adds based off of the creepy piles of data Google has on everyone? I know for a fact I joked about being engaged online a year or 2 ago and I am still getting wedding adds on my free apps :(

    Also @Peppermaster I mean if you think about it the game has you dying a slow and horrible death and literally exploding rotting human corpses so hey what is a raunchy add or 2 going to do in the end? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • @EfficaciousSquid yeah, it's from Google's creepy data.

    Congratulations War2K you've just confessed your browsing habits to everyone here. ;)

    Don't feel bad, my google ad history is forever polluted from searching for visual references for KeepHD and Dark.  I think Google believes me to be a 16 year old atheist with revenge fantasies who dabbles in the occult.

    Want to be really creeped out though?  When near your phone, say aloud that you're looking for some kitchen appliance or something.  See how long it takes-- without your ever typing in it-- to start showing you kitchen appliance ads.
  • That's leaving aside the fact that what's considered appropriate today has become bizarre. I keep seeing ads for legacy of Discord which is some kind of fantasy game RPG for Android that is just a slowly turning woman in her underwear she is obviously crafted to look ridiculously overly sexualized with a form factor that is a some kind of stupid teenage fantasy after she slowly rotates and shakes her hips and pumps out her upper body magically the sexiest clothes ever imagined drift onto her. I don't understand how this is okay it's honestly nauseating that this kind of thing is considered family appropriate.

  • @EfficaciousSquid

    At least those exploding corpses are covering their man-sticks.
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    Exploding corpses (presumably) as corpses don't tamper with your dopamine pathways.  Your pleasure comes from fighting something evil/disgusting (this is positive).  For virtually all men, seeing an aesthetic woman in an ad invokes the dopamine... but doesn't connect it with accomplishment, righteousness, or anything positive.  The whole point of the ad is just to connect your dopamine surge with buying  or seeing the game itself.  So that's negative-- or at least not constructive.

    (This is why lots of people get annoyed about sex in ads, but not violence-- though those same people will get annoyed about non-positive violence such as in GTA).

  • Violence complicates/messes up people's lives far less than sex. I let my son play games that have violence I try hard to prevent him from playing games with promiscuity.

    I guess this is partly because treating women as objects is so ubiquitously part of today's society that I I would like to try and prevent him from being influenced in that direction as much as possible
  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaa google why you gotta lie you dirty dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I brought the same concern up to John a week or two ago. He explained those ads so up not so much because you are doing searches for sexual related themes but because your search history shows that your are probably an adult male. Hopefully, when the ad software examines a child's search history the ads would be toned down.

    About a year ago I was taking Human Sexualtiy. I do not even want to think about the ads I would get if playing Keep back then!

  • Just to clarify I was making a joke about how the game has exploding zombies so haha it should be rated M lol. But yeah Raptisoft I agree with you, I speak Afrikaans on/around my phone 99% of the time and I live in Canada so location services should not throw up Afrikaans related things.... but they still pop up :(

    That and I also google alot of coding/programming things myself so I'll settle for Google spamming me with coding books/resources :D
  • @effacioussquid, I didn't mean to respond to your joke with an evolutionary psychology lecture. :D 
  • I know just a while back there was some game where you are in a plane crash and you try to survive on an island. In the first few seconds of the ad, when the plane is crashing, some male says the words "god dammit." Now that doesn't bother me in the slightest, but when you think of how many television stations will bleep or mute it out of movies/shows, it surprises me an ad for a game would contain a word that might offend potentially a lot of people. And I saw that ad quite a lot when it was around.
  • In dota (defense of the ancient) which is probably the most played multiplayer game currently in existence, boasting a player base of over 15 million unique players a month, the default announcer if someone is on a kill streak of I think 9 kills, says "holy $hit!" when you get your 10th.

    Bear in mind this is a game that does not have a rating or any age restrictions at all, and is in fact very common with young teenagers and children as young as 11 and 12.

    The first time it happened I was sure that it was another player who said it period after it happened a few times I actually realized that no it was in fact the game.

    We have fallen greatly my friends. greatly.
  • @phrostyphace
    Keep in mind that dota is a warcraft 3(which is a t rated game) custom map. Based on the esrb rating system, children young as 11 or 12 should not be playing dota. Your point is right but the example is not appropriate.
  • I wasn't playing war craft I was playing dota 2 the stand alone game hosted by valve doe. No one plays original dota anymore so I'd do not bother clarifying that lol
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    Wait you are just talking about dota 2 only? Oh please [-(, don’t tell me dota 2 is most played multiplayer game in existence. I can refute that argument really easily but this not some battleground for fanboys so i’ll stop with that. ;)

    Let’s be serious and see why dota 2 having the word holy sh17 is actually fine. The kill streaks that dota used was orignially from Unreal Tournament (which was not designed or rated for young people at all). Dota developers used this kill streak system (every word of it) to the original dota and then transfered it into dota 2. Considering dota was never designed for younger audiences, it would not be appropriate to criticize them for using a kill streak phrase that has the word $h1t.

    The only reason why there is no rating for dota 2 is that esrb dont rate online game for some reason. Of course, other countries have age restrictions on online games unlike America

    To be honest, annoucer saying h s is not a big deal. The game was never meant for kids to play, you don’t hear that unless your team throws the game hard, and the 11 years old feeder mid zeus in your team will say f word more than the annoucer would. :D
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    Lol. This response is gold. Tbh despite your logic, it's still a sign of the times. 10 years ago there is no way is that a preprogrammed game commentator would be throwing out that kind of line. (unless the game was deliberately trying to incorporate shock value and push the bubble of what was considered "acceptable".)

    The fact is you're right, 10 year old mid feeders do curse more than the commentator. But that's all so tragic. I have a 10 year old son if he ever spoke like that I would wash his mouth out with soap. I have a goal to raise a wholesome well-rounded family. And because of that I don't let my son play games that have that kind of commentary it's just a pretty freaking sad world where parents are letting their kids play games like this where they are exposed to this kind of garbage.

    So arguments aside, it's just pretty sad that we live in a world where this is basically just completely acceptable
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    Umm... unreal tournament is 1999 game... so ... its like 18 years ago. (Time do pass quickly) Back then, games like unreal and Duke Nukem were designed based on those r rated movies were some macho commando guy brutally slaughters evil forces and say curse words often. Considering other medias like war movies and rock n roll songs had curse words even before pong existed, it was already considered acceptable quite a time ago.

    It is sad that world we live in is like this but if we look back history, the world was always like that in different ways (and parents keep saying “kids these days” in different languages)
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    Hahahahaha! Yep.

    You just reminded me of a Funny Story. I remember some years ago I was sitting with a bunch of friends we were playing Halo 1 on the original Xbox. An older friend from the last generation walked in, and said that looks fun can I try it. We were like sure and handed him a controller. He noticed a headset and said can you talk to other people in the game? We were like yes. He was like can I try it? We were like yes. So we handed him the headset he puts it on and proceeds immediately to Mistime a grenade and fail to save a teammate. Said teammate who was some 12 year old punk let out a stream of filthy filthy curses. My older friend literally his face turned red he was totally in shock. He was stammering and stuttering, and finally having nothing else to say, he said into the mic does your mom know you talk like that? That was not the right thing to say apparently, because this kid's response was pretty epic I'll let you imagine it, the end result was my friend grabbed the headset and ripped it off his head and threw it on the floor like it was something yucky and gross he stared at it for a minute - and then he said I think online gaming is not for me.

    Different generations. Lol.
  • Online gaming with chat is basically South Park with more Eric Cartman
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