Is there a place where R.S. regularly posts updates on progress towards games besides the forums?

Hi like the title says I am happy to see that Raptisoft is starting to be more vocal about what they are working on but the only place that I know of where info gets released is on the forums which is nice but I was just wondering if there is a dev blog or something that I might not know about. I used to check the Youtube and Tumblr pages every week or so but they seem to be abandoned :(


  • This probably the best place to get any update related to any Raptisoft games. Remember that when Mr. Raptis start working on The new solomon’s keep (which will be about early 2018) he won’t be able to respond any questions until most of the work is done. So be sure to ask any while he is here. He will mostly respond within a day.
  • I used to post on Tumblr kinda regularly-- there's a bunch of screenshots there.  I'd rather just post on the forums though... I don't want to dedicate creative time making the "perfect tumblr post" but just the nature of my artistic personality compels me to do that.

    That's the main reason why I "go dark" lots of times... is I'm finding myself making the "perfect screenshot, this will really wow them" and suddenly three hours have passed and I am kicking myself.
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