[Keep] epic ring disappears from inventory

My 500% gold epic ring just vanished for no reason. I never put it in the cabinet either. Just reopened the game and now it’s gone. Feeling like i’ve lost will to continue playing it after losing stuff the second time, the previous being the entire save game disappearing along with all my rare/epic rings..


  • Hi, is the ring being gone the ONLY thing that changed, or did your game's save location also roll back?

    This sounds like the game's state didn't save somehow.  Also, are you at the current version?  I've been updating pretty regularly, fixing some saving/loading issues that current mobile systems have that they didn't have back when I wrote these games.
  • I remember using the magic key to go back before quitting the game. And yes somehow that epic ring seems to be the only item that vanished.
  • That sounds like a "rollback" as in, the game rolled back to a save from before you had the ring.  I'll make some adjustments in an update... the problem is because iOS no longer gives reliable notifications when a game quits, so I have less ability to catch it.  For now, if you want total reliability, go back to the main menu before quitting the game, and I will do some research to see how I can more reliably notice when the user has quit the game, so that I can do a save then.
  • sounds good. Thanks
  • There exists a 500% ring? I've been farming bosses for the past week and have never seen one. Is this ring only avaliable on the iOS version? I'm playing on Android.
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