Forced to pick frost missile on level up.

When playing with Athicus I am forced to pit frost missile the first time it is offered. Dosnt matter what I pick. Made it happiness 3 times now. (Note 3)


  • Hi, when you say "forced" can you be a little more specific?

    I.E. are all three skill choices frost missile?  Or does it randomly select it FOR you instead of waiting for you to tap? 
  • So if I pick any of the other 2 skills besides frost missle, it gives me what I chose plus frost missle. I have recreated this bug 3 times so far. It seems to happen every time when frost missle shows up for the first time.
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    On further testing, it only happens when I have everweld. I just had the choice of flash freeze, frost missile, and life up. I chose life up and got it and frost missle. This did not happen when I didn't have everweld. I even ran one test run with only everweld just to be sure.
  • Okay-- yes, Everweld is specficially designed for welding enthusiasts, so it always changes your firing skill to be your weld after a levelup.
  • It changes before I ever pick frost missle. So even if I have never got the skill, and it pops up, and I don't chose it, it gives me that one anyway. Also it happens no mater what weld skill comes up.
  • @dude that sounds like a bug.  Are you well versed enough in navigating Android to send me a save game so I can check it out?  Just from a quickie test run here, I don't get the problem.

    If you know your Android, here's what to do:

    1. Locate / and find the /sandbox folder
    2. Zip up or otherwise store the /sandbox folder
    3. Upload it into a file sharing system like Dropbox or whatever
    4. PM me the link

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    Sure I'll send you 2 saves a bit later tonight, one right before and one right after.
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