Status 10/30/2017

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I was away this weekend for a memorial, so sorry I didn't update...

Today's Agenda:

o Still RwK

Right now, as of this second, it's looking kinda bad for being able to bring in all the old levels.  I had never in a million years imagined that 64-bit C++ would actually change the memory size of a standard variable, and I can't possibly be the only person having this problem.  This is an insane decision that indicates to me that tech is being taken over by non-tech people-- this level of incompatibility would be a strict no-no if code was still being run by properly autistic dudes (who I assume have all fled to linux).

So anyway, I've got a couple plans to try to get the old levels available on PC at least.  So let the Society Committed To The Preservation Of Ancient Robot Wants Kitty Levels hold their first meeting.


  • I’m really just in favor of the game being available on iOS 11 with or without the levels. We can all start over and make new levels!
  • That will PROBABLY be the end result, though I'm still doing a few experiments.  Well, actually right now I'm making everything fit the new screen size, since in my wisdom I hard coded everything for 480x320.
  • Rwk is my most favorite game. I think I’m currently in withdrawal.
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    Too bad you're not Android!  That will beta first.

    Since Apple doesn't really let me beta.

  • Oh man! PC and android are getting all the perks here hahaha too bad I’m an Apple guy
  • Is there any chance of another wave of Boneyard beta members being accepted? I missed out on the opening before because I was looking at reddit, not here, and I've been checking daily, waiting for news on release!
  • It's too late!  All Hallow's Eve is upon us!
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    I know its very too late to say but boneyard needs scary pumpkins for Halloween. Well, i’ll just assume one of the donut is pumpkin flavored or something. #pumpkinspiceddonuts
  • That's unfortunate, but as long as the old levels remain playable in the PC version, I'm okay with this.

    But does said version have issues similar to Hoggy's? It would be problematic if some people can't even get it to run.
  • No, that Zenphone issue was fixed two updates ago.  I actually had to order one and have it shipped to me to fix it.  Doing that with a couple other devices now too, for other phone specific issues.
  • I wasn't talking about Hoggy 2 and the issues your current framework had with Zenphones. I was referring to Hoggy 1's PC version.

    Like I said back when you released it, one of my PCs can't run it at all while the other one displays some pretty distracting graphical glitches. This is perfectly acceptable in this case, seeing how the only real point of it nowadays is to allow Hoggy fans without old iDevices to play the first game. And it will become obsolete once all its levels have made it to Hoggy 2.

    But if you ultimately find yourself unable to port RWK's old levels then that game's PC version will serve a far more important purpose. Eventually, it'll become the only way to play most of the game's old levels. So if it has the same compatibility issues as Hoggy 1's PC version, that would mean that only those lucky enough to have a compatible PC will be able to play them.

    I should note that Four Letter Words! works perfectly though, so it's possible that whatever breaks Hoggy 1 on some PCs is exclusive to that game.
  • Oh-- well, I would only release PC RwK as a way for people to get access to the old levels to convert them over.  I won't support it as a product in and of itself.  However, it should be more compatible, since RwK is a slightly newer version of my code framework than Hoggy was.
  • Let's hope for the best then.

    In what order did you make Hoggy 1, RwK and Four Letter Words!?
  • Get Lucky, Hoggy 1, Solomon's Keep, Solomon's Boneyard, Mahjong Blitz, Robot Wants Kitty, Four Letter Words.  Then (weeps) Solomon Dark, Cubic Castles.
  • Cool, thanks for the info.

    Do they all run on different versions of the same framework? If so, it's definitely possible whatever issue it used to have with certain PCs back when it was used for Hoggy 1 was already fixed by the time you made RwK. After all, that's just one game prior to Four Letter Words!, which doesn't seem to have any compatibility issues at all. Plus, I recall you mentioning that game only took a few days to make.
  • I don't know-- my PC doesn't have any issues running any of them, and Rastapopoulon's version USED to work, but then stopped working, so I'm not really sure what's going on there.
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