Solomon Boneyard Crush

I was playing with magic missile and lightning (wegnus) with Master of offence, Magic shield too, Creepy hand, Battle mage and +2 to all skills and all the fates enabled. I was playing with the combine spell almost all of the game, after a level up I picked the hurricane skill just to check it out. When I pick the lightning spell to try it, the game crashed. It went black screen for a second with no response at all and then it went to my phone screen. I checked recent apps and there is the black screen on boneyard and I couldn't open it. I killed the app and reopen it. It asked me if I want to continue my last game. I picked continue and it resumed right after I had picked hurricane. I cast some combined magic missiles and then tried to pick lightning. The moment I picked it, the game crushed again. The only difference this time, I couldn't resume and  it was like I had left the game and all my rings were missing. 


  • Do you know enough about Android to send me the contents of your /sandbox folder from /

  • Yes. Just tell me where to send them.
  • Upload them somewhere (dropbox, anywhere you can give me a link to it) and PM me a link.  Thanks!
  • This same error just happened to me on iOS. Different skill/feat setup and base lightning wizard--when I bought hurricane it crashed. I went back in it crashed again, and I had lost all of my rings.
  • I just had the same issue on iOS. Vorpus using lightning for an hour or more fine until I chose hurricane at level up and now all of my rings are gone after the game crashed twice in a row.
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