Thank you for the surprise!

Hello Mr. Raptis,
Thank you for the surprise this helloween :D


  • ahhhmergerrrrd It's not in Australia yet :(
  • edited October 2017
    Same here.

    Two question though. I just downloaded the new update of solomons boneyard on iOS and all my previous perk progress including mages, perks, rings, and gold are gone. Is there any way to get them back or not?

    Also when I swipe up from the bottom to bring up the IOS quick menu (with the brightness slider) the game keeps playing in the background and I die. All other games on my phone pause automatically when I pull up this menu. Is this behavior intended?

    Either way I'm excited to play with the new content...
  • No. All perks is rings, etc is deleted with the update. However, the perk system have changed ! :D
  • Hi ScubaSteve, I put a new news bulletin (the little skull in upper left).  Read it and follow the link there.  We'll get you your stuff back.
  • As for the slider... I was unaware of this new feature, so I will correct it in an update this week.
  • Me too! Miss all gold ,perk, char , ring
  • What surprise are you talking about?
  • The release of Boneyard's Android and iOS11 versions.
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