Status 10/31/2017

This is a very dark day.  It is All Hallow's Eve and every creepy thing from every dark corner pokes its head into our universe to threaten man!  Thus, you should not go to your respective App Stores and search "Solomon's Boneyard."  Bad things could happen. 

Android users should most certainly not follow this link.

iOS users would be well advised to stay away from this link as well.

As for today's Agenda:

o Fix anything that needs fixing
o Continue RwK-ing.



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    What? What? I went to play Boneyard and it's just ordinary Boneyard are you playing some kind of April fools joke here? :((
  • android link: item not found store error
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    @phrostyphace The difference is that the game is now available to the general public.

    @eldorel I think it can take a few hours for Google to make a newly released app available in every region.
  • Yeah, I was up at 12am in Northern Manitoba (Canada) waiting for it to get out! I knew it wouldn't come out the second after, but I had to try!

    It's 910 am and it's still not here yet. Thankfully my phone is charging in the other room and I have to work all day!

    I'm really excited!!!
  • Something is going on with Google Play... it says "processing" and it hasn't release it yet.  I'm trying to figure out what the story is.

  • Well, It's been released in some areas clearly. It has been released across the board - which is why I assume it's still saying processing. IE hasn't reached my parts or Elderols ---> Still processing

    Don't worry :)
  • Well, I released it around midnight, so I'm annoyed it's not out yet... it's supposed to be available for Halloween!
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    Oh lol..... I got onto the forums this morning and saw a bunch of posts about the Halloween surprise and I got all excited for some reason I assumed that raptisoft must have added some exciting Halloween themed event to Boneyard. I logged on and I was like wait it's just Boneyard what's going on :P
  • Haha... beta testers didn't get the surprise.

    Next year, though, when SKHD is done... then you'll get surprises.
  • Just a heads up mista Raptis I got Boneyard installing as we speak. I have a Samsung galaxy S7 registered on Koodo in Canada. I'll message you personally if I find any bugs etc

    There goes the work week!
  • Good deal!  I usually try to collect about two days of bugs, then fix and do an update.
  • (Question from a lurker here - is there any way to backup current save data and purchases from a iPhone 3GS and port it over to the Android version?)
  • Leigh Weatherby? Kip Cheerio? Haylee Barber? Do these gravemarkers mean anything significant? I saw one of them appear beneath my feet. I'm very intrigued. Even if they don't mean anything, I'm writing them down on a piece of paper because I think it's cool xD
  • Hi @Sheep... you'd need a jailbroken phone, but the data formats are different now (since iOS invalidated my old data format, I went ahead and made some improvments).  However, if you visit and drop us an e-mail, if you have your old receipts we can make the transition less painful.

    @MoroVere, there's an achievement ("Honor the Dead") you can get by visiting all the graves.  However, the achievement system currently crashes on Android due to some very weird way google requires integration of several seemingly unrelated libraries, so I haven't made it live yet.
  • So not like long ago I read there might be Solomon dark released for pc (what you had finished at least) here on Halloween. Did I miss it? This was the first time I could get on the pc today.
  • In my first game of boneyard I put flowers on every single grave because I remembered that being an achievement from way back when.

    On my fancy new android phone.

    Maybe should have checked for achievements first...
  • @Schliematt
    Solomon Dark, at least what was finished was released last haloween here. You can find it by looking back through the the forum
  • Hmm ok I must have somehow found the old post about it and read that a couple weeks back or so. I only went like three pages back cause I was looking at taptisofts daily update posts to the beginning oct late sept. Maybe someone had posted on it and that moved it back up the list when I had found it.
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