Is Keep supposed to be classified as an iPad app?

Looking at the App Store's list of your games, it's weird to see Solomon's Keep listed in both the iPhone and iPad categories. Was that a mistake? The game's only iPad screenshot is partially cut off. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually support such high resolutions without upscaling.


  • No, it's not supposed to be an iPad app-- but Apple changed how that all works.  It used to be that you could play on an iPad and it would letterbox the screen, now it seems like it does not.  But I don't want to spend time making that resolution change when I expect SKHD to replace all these games.
  • Maybe make a note on the store then? Don't want people that own an ipad to attempt to the play the game, have it be a shit experience then they may turn a blind eye to SKHD due to the previous experience? Just a thought,
  • I'm a little confused why it even appears as an iPad app, because I don't have iPad checked.  I plan a quickie Keep bugfix update this week and I will double check everything I did to see if games go to iPad no matter what not, and act accordingly.
  • What's weird is that Boneyard isn't in the iPad category, so whatever made Keep appear there didn't happen again.
  • I think it might be because when I was beta testing it, I was going to make it universal, until I saw that it would be a LOT of work to do all the resolution adjustments.  So I think that because I had it checked once, it persisted even though I removed it.  Either way, I'll figure it out.
  • Since Apple believes this is an ipad app, it plays at full screen on the ipad. Which is much better than having to hit the 1x/2x button. When playing Boneyard, I keep hitting the 1x button accidentally and it shrinks my screen in the middle of the game... often at crucial moments when my fingers might be moving slightly out of the dual stick circle. My vote is for full screen on both apps. The dual stick shooters have too much hand movement in the lower corners of the screen.
  • I'm trying to address this in the update.  I hope to just figure out how to make it classified as an iPhone app on iPad though.
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