Boneyard Ads

Hi! Are there certain IAP from the original Boneyard that will turn off ads in the new one like in Solomon's Keep? Thanks!!


  • Yes, if you had bought "Bribe Destiny" in the original Boneyard, it'll count for killing off ads (that was the only thing purchase available in original Boneyard)
  • Sweet. Is there any equation or any rhyme or reason at all behind the amount of gold awarded for watching a given ad or is it random? I've had very short ads give me a lot of gold and very long ads give me little gold. Just wanted to make sure that is working as you intended.
  • Ad gold is completely random.
  • From my experience, ads normally give you a random amount of gold between 100 and 1000. But there's also a 1% chance of hitting the jackpot and getting a lot more than that.

    The ad length is a complete non-factor. Apparently, AdMob doesn't even tell the game how long its ads are.
  • How do you use your purchase from iOS of Bribe Destiny for the Android version of Solomon's Boneyard?
  • @GeekPrawn please write us here:, explain, show your receipt, and we'll get you set up on Android.
  • I got a 9k gold jackpot. :D
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