Need moah undeads :D

edited October 2017 in Solomon's Games
As an undead maniac, I felt that Solomon's Keep needed more undeads other than those generic ones. It is true that there will be new monsters coming in SKHD but I doubt that would be enough to satisfy some undead maniac like me. So here are some ideas for new undeads that may spice up the keep if you are interested:

1. Living Armor: A haunted armor of some ancient civilization that has strong magic resistance, crowd control immunity, and strong melee attack with knockback. 

2. Exploding Zombies: A fast moving zombie that explode when player is near. I am surprised that Solomon games have no suicide bomber type monsters.

3. Worm that Walks: A swarm of maggots and worms controlled by a soul of an evil wizard. Cast magic spells like mage skeletons and releases maggots as it gets hit. If a player is close, it surrounds player by summoning maggots.

4. Haunted Pumpkin: A haunted flying pumpkin that throws fireball that creates fire wall. 

5. Death Slime: Black slime that deals massive damage when player contact with it or it is killed.

6. Vampiric Mosquito: Flying monster that has low health and steals some of player's max health when attack. 

7. Chained Soul: When it finds a player, it applies a debuff that prevents player from using any movement related spells(teleport) untill the soul is dead.

8. Half-eaten Donut: The donut you forgot to finish at boneyard has returned! Heals player's health when killed.


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