Boneyard booty bug?

I was excited to see an update this morning but after playing for a few hours I've found I'm getting almost no rings, and no potions or red books to level up.
I had bought all the perks in the previous incarnation plus lots of gold and it's a bit of a bummer to have to start again from scratch and then also not be finding any rings etc when I lost a great cache of treasures etc by updating. Is this a bug or am I just being exceeding unlucky?
I can fully understand you wanting to monetise and make an income but I'd love a premium version of the game for say £9.99 (or more because I do love this game) where I could keep my perks and treasure again


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    My apologies for losing the perks.  This is a result of some of the sizes of standard C++ container variables changing, which invalidated my old files.  On PC and Android it's possible to bridge this, but on iOS, it would be a whole project in and of itself.

    In Boneyard, if you get the perk that improves the drop rates for rings, etc, you will see significant improvement.  My advice would be to go for the gold drop perk, then the item drop perk as quickly as you can.

    Also, if you were a loyal iOS player who moved over to android, visit and drop an e-mail there.  We can help make the transition easier.

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