Keep vs Boneyard Screen Size on iPad

edited November 2017 in Solomon's Games
Hi! I know these games aren't officially built for iPad, but when playing on a regular 9.7" iPad ... Keep fills the whole screen, whereas Boneyard is smaller with bars along the top and bottom for wi-fi, time, battery, zoom level, etc.

Just curious as to why they're not the same.



  • I'm annoyed because I expected Apple to automatically letterbox in this situation and it doesn't (it used to!).  So I'm looking into whether I have to literally letterbox it myself, or if there's just some new Apple setting that fixes it.  Either way, I'm working on an update and it'll be addressed there.
  • Thanks so much for looking into it and for making the Solomon games 64-bit!
  • Well, I'm very sad that the 64-bit change invalidated the save files on iOS, that's all.  I hope the new spells, items, and perk slots I added makes up for that loss.
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