Boneyard how do you remove perks?

I accidentally bought the perk with two dice. I think it's random secondary skill. I couldn't remove it from active perks. I then bought the bargain perks which are the ones you used last time and it kept the dice perk there and left one of my previous perks off. So how do you remove it? I couldn't quite figure it out.


  • Start a game and die?
  • Ya as it seems now, there is no way to remove the perk if you pick it. You basically just have to go back to the selection screen, and click leave game/main menu and start over

  • I'm rectifying this in an update.  I didn't think this would be an issue for users, but from support e-mails this morning, I. Was. Wrong.

  • lol it's ok raptisoft. Speaking of removing things... can't remember if it was boneyard or keep, more likely keep. But I only had a ring that gave fast casting. I equipped it, but at this point in the game I couldn't really afford the extra mana cost to use fast casting, so I tried to remove it. I couldn't figure that out either. I thought I remembered double tapping rings to remove them (or tap It then the item list) from a while back but that didn't work. I had no other rings to replace it with so I just played and dealt with it til I died. This was prolly bout two weeks or so ago, sorry if You since fixed it.
  • To remove, tap the ring, then just tap the inventory area (this was kinda standard interfacing for ye olde touch interfaces of yore when smartphones first appeared... fear not, SKHD will be drag/drop).
  • This might not be related, but how do you forge the rings which scavenger has? I accidentally left all the rings and died. Now Scavenger has too many rings and I would like to simply get rid of it. Do I have to take them and die to get rid of them?
  • You have to just take out whatever rings you want to forge... start a game, and forge them up.
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