Status 11/2/2017

Yesterday was a garbage work day.  I was/am somewhat ill.  So, today's agenda:

o Maintain safe distance to a restroom
o Work on Boneyard update
o Work on RwK when there's time


  • Hope you get better soon.
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    I'm so confused do you think disease is a valid reason to be depriving me of my content

    ( this is the internet in 2017 I'm not sure whether or not proper online etiquette requires me to indicate when I am being serious and not)
  • Would poison damage be a valid reason to not be able to beat Solomon’s Keep? :D
  • @phrostyphace Your comment, even if serious, would be considered very mild in 2017 compared to the e-mails I have gotten from people who think 99 cents was too high a price to pay for a game and DEFINITELY think that having to click an "x" on an ad is too high a price to pay for a game. :)
  • @raptisoft maybe you’re not feeling well because you’re having rwk withdrawals
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    Dr @kyleseglin what do you prescribe?
  • I am begging you, BEGGING you, please for my entertainment and amusement post the content of some of these letters on the forums. I really could use a great laugh.
  • @raptisoft well, I would most certainly recommend a speedy finishing of an iOS 11 compatible rwk so you can get the fix you need.. in my professional opinion of course.

    :D :D :D
  • Or just drink health potions
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    @phrosty as much as I want to vent my frustration and indulge in some poking fun, it would be bad company ethics.  Especially since by talking to a couple of them I have managed to bring them around.

     I think a surprising number people have simply never considered that games are actually sweated over by obsessives who work 12+ hours a day arranging code and art (how insane is that?), as opposed to being lazily plucked from a nearby game tree and put into a basket for sale.

    Also, another strange thing is... lots of people aren't aware that "Kill the Ads" means "Remove the Ads."  There's a lot of people who think there's no way to turn the ads off (language barrier maybe?  But many seem to be American).

    I'm gonna need a "Hey! Listen!" fairy next to Kill Ads too.
  • About not understanding the kill the ad thing, there are two possible resson:
    1. They don’t get what kill ac means
    2. They can’t pay you cuz they don’t use US dollar maybe?
  • >2. They can’t pay you cuz they don’t use US dollar maybe?

    This is the 21st century. Online services support tons of different currencies.
  • how the hell is 99 cents too much for a any solomon game? just on replay-ability 99 cents is a steal.
  • That's really interesting that the wording of kill the ads has people confused.
  • My dear sir raptisoft you are indeed an honorable gentleman
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