Solomon’s boneyard rings and perks on new iPad/iPhone

Hi, i’ve updated solomon’s boneyard on the new iPad running ios 11 64 bit.
Everytime i start a new game it reset the rings and perks.
Is it right?
Do i have to purchase something to make it work as in the past?


  • Hi there, a couple notes:

    1. Perks are expensive once (but not as expensive as originally) but then require a small amount of gold to re-purchase.  This is in response to numerous complaints in the past that there's nothing to do with gold after you unlock everything.

    2. To keep your items, you need to go into the "Fates" tab and purchase the Scavenger.  He goes about recovering the corpses of wizards and anything they have on them so that you can use them again (this replaces "Magic Inventory" and no longer takes up a perk slot)
  • Thank you for your answer.
    I can’t find the “FATES” tab, can you help me?

    How can i purchase perks? Where, in the game, can i purchase it?

    Thanks again
  • @willy
    When you go to character select, you click the witch with a cauldron to get perks and fates
  • does anyone knows what it the magic trap? I have bought it but i did not notice any change
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