Status 11/3/2017

Feeling better today.  On the agenda:

o Work on Keep+Boneyard updates, targeted for Monday
o Work on RwK

RwK is progressing and the "official" position right now is, I cannot move those levels over, so I will provide a PC version that allows people to access them so they can be ported.  I am also going to take a little longer and move RwK into the same system as Hoggy, with voting, comments, Karma, and star perks (though I won't be retrofitting RwK to unlock stuff with Karma, since there's not nearly as many different play pieces in RwK).


  • What's going to be the benefit of Karma, then?
  • Just feedback from players on how beloved your levels are.
  • This is great news! Rwk!
  • FYI I check this forum every morning, and THEN I read the news. That is my daily routine.
  • I'll try to make things more exciting then.
  • Do you have an updated estimation for when Solomon's Keep HD will be finished and out for iOS or PC?
  • I do, but I can't speak it.  Any time I speak a deadline, the universe is destroyed and replaced with a new universe that is exactly the same except that I don't meet the deadline.
  • And yet, you somehow managed to release the 64 bit versions of Boneyard on Halloween even after announcing it in advance.
  • That's because they were already done (to the point where I could release them with just a few bugs anyway) when I announced.
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