Any good movies out?

i dont have tv, and i dont really follow whats in the theaters so i only get a few glimpses from adds or something, so any good movies in theaters now? (or even an old favorite thats on netflix?)

i generally prefer adventure, fantasy, or suspence, but im fairly open to anything :P  any good suggestions?


  • Try "The Boxtrolls" on Netflix! 
  • yea ive seen that, it was decent but didnt really wow me (and yes im a big kid, i love kids movies so its not like i didnt like it cuz of that :P)
  • I dont know if its on netflix but Edge of Tomorrow was good. Movies recently have all been just like "remakes" or they have the same story as another with different characters and stuff. 

    If youre open to watching tv shows too on netflix I definitely recommend breaking bad, if you have already watched that try bobs burgers, bobs burgers is pretty silly but entertaining.
  • Mad Max was really good, probably the only good "remake" movie out there. The Marvel superhero movies are always good, too, but they seem to be losing their magic a little.
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