Boneyard Crashing

I just replicated an issue I had before with boneyard. I had assumed it was the fault of my device - I only have 1/2 GB of RAM - but after seeing some reviews on Google play about the same thing, I think this may actually be an issue. Anyone else experienced this?
It just crashes right after the loading screen.
Mr. Raptis, do you want my sandbox file? I want Boneyard to do well, and right now the only bad reviews are complaining about ads, perks, or this problem.


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    Don't know how clear I was. I think this only happens after the game being closed during a run. It's also not consistent, and sometimes trying a few times will get it to work, others you have to uninstall and reinstall, so this is kinda game breaking.

    Edit: Game is working again, maybe it is just is my crappy phone. But still, I'd hate for anyone else to hit this problem.
  • Hi there... the sandbox file wouldn't help, but if you know how to get me the phone logs (called the LOGCAT) immediately after the crash, that will tell me a great deal.  Android has GREAT logging.
  • I'm getting this issue as well. I played yesterday without issue, and today can't even get the game to launch.
  • Same thing... if you can get me the logcat files, it would help me greatly.  Do you know how to do that?
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