Solomon's Boneyard Suggestions


Loving the game so far, but I just have a few suggestions to make
1)Killing the boss gives a lot of exp, however when I am close to leveling up (the bar is almost full) and I kill the boss, I lvl up and the exp bar goes back to zero. Where did the rest of the exp go? Is it possible to make the exp carry over even after leveling up?

2)Is it possible to make a function to disable fates? For example I purchased explosive shield and the traps and I wish to turn it off.



  • Hi...

    1) In the old games, the XP is lost-- there's no way to really "fold it over" without revamping the whole thing.  It will work correctly in SKHD, though!

    2) Yeah, I think I can throw that into settings, similar to how you can turn the bosses off.
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    How's about instead of adding additional options in the settings for turning fates on and off, would it be possible to make the fates icons toggleable in the fates tab grey for off and color for on and if it has a price on it that would mean its not purchased yet.
  • Just for clarity, I want those screens to be as clean as possible-- as soon as you start putting three different "forms" of a button somewhere, the confused emails begin-- "I unlocked magical trap, but I never ever get it in my skills!" ... that sort of thing.

    And don't even get me started about the people who accidentally turn on "Kid Mode" in Solomon's Keep!
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