About Solomon game...


I dont like the new system, i was prefer old system: Buy one time and use how many time u want.
Also i dont like The system of pay for old ring After unlock peark...Why?
So... some idea:
1)let unlock the peark after u buy it and let the ring in inventory
2)let pay for potion (i mean more then Just 500, like 10000 or more) and for bribe destiny (for use it every time like in Keep)

Keep and boneyard
1)the rock magic, is realy realy cool. Please let us play it in this game...
2)u can do a fusion ring system? Like 3-4 ring of 25% exp + an item dropped = a ring 50% exp or somethink like that + gold


  • Oh.. and boneyard can be for ipad like keep? Full screen
  • Hola,

    The new pay system is here to stay, I'm afraid.  The old system left people looking for something to do after everything was bought.  If re-buy prices are too high, I can adjust that, the beta testers didn't really complain about the prices.

    Earth Magic would be a great deal of work to fold into the old code... I prefer to instead work on the HD version of Solomon's Keep which will have lots of the fixes people want.  Same for ring bonuses-- the item bonus system in SKHD will be more advanced though!

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