Boneyard stat screen issues

I've noticed a few problems with the iOS Boneyard stat screen. It's possible these have been fixed and the update is just waiting to go through, but I couldn't find them listed anywhere on the forums, so I figured I should mention them.
1) either the mana regen or the mana cost is wrong. I had frost jet with 0 upgrades and level 1 battle mage, it told me it cost me 10 mana per second and i was regenerating 7 per second, but even without any mana ups, i could cast for multiple minutes before running out of mana. I would guess that this issue stems from the fact that in Boneyard, you get 10 mana per second, while in Keep, you only get 7 per second, so when you copied the stat screen over, it included the wrong stats.
2) at the bottom, it has a stat for awesomeness rather than kills, and says "difficulty: student, hardcore" which seems to me like useless information since that's the only thing you can do in Boneyard.


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